Our Family Taking Care of Yours Since 1993
Our Family Taking Care of Yours Since 1993
Our Family Taking Care of Yours since 1993
Our Family Taking Care of Yours since 1993


Keeping your Family Safe

We have been Inspected and Approved for the New Power Guidelines for Assisted Living Facilities. Our 45KW Generator is able to power all essential circuits as well as Air Conditioning; tried and tested during the 2017 Hurricane Season. Follow this LINK for more information about the new Generator Rules for our industry.

New Nursing Guidelines


State Legislation Could Mean More Nurses for Local Assisted Living Facilities (Colleen Michele Jones, Jacksonville Business Journal) - The adoption of new state standards governing assisted living care could bring more nurses to facilities in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida.

The legislation, which was signed by Gov. Rick Scott last week, will make it possible for certified nurses who work in an assisted living community to practice “to the full extent of their abilities within the scope of the community’s license.”

The new guidelines go into effect July 1.

The action is significant because previously caregivers employed by an assisted living facility had been restricted from performing certain medical functions on residents.

“It’s been very frustrating to tell them, ‘I can’t change your Band-Aid,’” said Donna Crivaro, a registered nurse who lives in Jacksonville and works as a consultant training caregiving professionals in assisted living communities across the region.

Under the new regulations, nurses will not only be allowed to perform such jobs but encouraged to do so, potentially saving older residents a trip to the emergency room.

“I think this is going to have the effect of attracting more nurses to the industry because nursing will be recognized in an assisted living setting,” said Crivaro, president of the Florida chapter of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association.

The organization, which was formed just in January to gain support around lifting these restrictions, is lauding the passage of the legislation, along with Florida AFLA is an industry group representing professionally managed senior living communities across the state.

Tampa's 2019 Walk to End Alzheimers

Take the first step to a world without Alzheimer's on Saturday Nov. 11th 2019


Raymond James Stadium 
Tampa, FL

Walk Begins at 9am.








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